Details, Details, Details

After meeting briefly at the start of studio to discuss what feedback that we received on Monday at the review; the studio decided that more emphasis needed to be placed on the bridge’s sculptural impact on the site.  This decision was followed by an hour and a half design charrette where each of the students were to come up with as many creative ideas as they could, using the main structural concept of repurposed bikes and bike frames.  After the charrette, each student presented intriguing ideas, all showing potential and numerous innovative ways to make this bridge more than just a common pedestrian bridge.  The ideas were then discussed, and the studio is now moving forward with a few of those ideas that were a result of this fast-paced idea-conjuring process.  Now we are tasked with looking deeper into physical detail on these proposals and determine how these bridge structures could be fabricated and assembled.  Seeing as how construction documents are set to be due next Friday, the students are prepared to get really “down in the weeds” on the details of how to make this bridge more than just some sketches and models, and actually produce a true focal point for the community.

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