Review & Revise

Good morning everyone! Yesterday we had our final design review for the three projects our studio has been working on- Farmfield, Forest Park, and the Magnolia Park Urban Center. We received some really excellent feedback from the people who attended our review. Community members and Charleston Parks Conservancy and City of Charleston staff were kind enough to listen to our ideas for each site and guide us in directions that will best benefit the people who will be using the spaces. The largest project we are working on is the new bridge in Forest Park, since construction will begin very soon. Our idea for the bridge is to use old bike frames to emphasize the presence of the bikeway next to the site.  We presented several different iterations of how this could look, and we received lots of amazing feedback on them during our review. From now forward we’ll be sticking with our original concept, but working to address all of the things mentioned during our review. With our concept down, things are going to start moving pretty fast as we prepare for construction in about a month!

Bridge model done by Studio V students.

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