Presentation Production

The weekend was full of production for our review today.  We split up as a studio with people working on physical models, renders, details, pricing, and everything in between.  We have all had some great ideas that we were able to combine and come up with a good plan to present to the city and Charleston Parks Conservancy.  It was difficult at times to stay within the parameters of the semester, as we are a little later starting and are only given a certain time to build due to Covid-19.

As far as the design goes, there are still some uncertainties within a few of the materials.  For example, whether we will use concrete or landscape timber for the planters.  However, it’s always good to have options to compare and contrast maintenance, cost, etc.  Our design really embraces the landscape as well as the bikeway, which is evident in our material choices as well.  There is a 6’x24’ bridge that crosses from the bikeway to Forest Park, then turns into a landing and ramp down to the park inhabited in landscape.  We took into consideration the user of the bridge and path in the design and material choices, making sure that it was ADA compliant, as well as was able to be used by bikers and pedestrians.  I don’t want to give away too much about the bridge structure until after the presentation today, but hopefully everyone will be pretty much on board with the design.

Looking forward, we will use the feedback and be able to make the changes we need to so that we can go into actual CD sets and production mode! The majority of our design is able to be fabricated within the studio/woodshop which will allow a safe build of the project, where we will comply by Clemson’s social distancing rules.  This will definitely be the ultimate challenge of the semester, as you all can imagine how difficult it will be to sanitize and use tools/materials after each other.  However, we (especially us community build students) are just excited that we get to execute our design this semester, and see it come to life, while making an impact in the community!

Stay tuned for more…

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