Farmfield 2.0

Hello everyone!

This week has been super busy for the studio as we are all pushing for our review tomorrow. There are 3 main projects in the works are progressing nicely. The bridge project has been distilled down to one singular design. The Parks Conservancy HQ will continue with three unique designs that will progress into an in depth structural analysis and planning phase. Lastly we will be presenting our suggestions for a small design iteration on the farmfield site that we worked on last semester. This weekend I worked on the Farmfield site so I wanted to share a few sneak peeks of the site for those that have been interested in our progress.

Here is the overview of our plan for the farmfield site.  The main things that we have discussed were adding a small connection path that allow pedestrians to easily merge onto the greenway from the sidewalk, new planting to act as a buffer from the street, a seating element, a new art piece and a water fountain connection. These concepts will create a node at the farmfield site where people will gather and use it as a meeting space. The added support of the water fountain will help make the greenway more user friendly.

View on the greenway with new planting

The new y-path that connects the farmfield road sidewalk to the greenway. This space also holds the new seating area (to be designed) and the water fountain along the path.

We are all very excited about the future for all of the parks projects happening this semester and cant wait for feedback tomorrow on our review!

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