Final Design meeting today!

Hello Again! We have been powering through this week for today. We are going to present our "final" designs today to the client.  As you know, the studio has been designing and diagramming and preparing for the last few weeks on these designs to really address our clients needs. We do not want to give [...]

Concept Design Meeting today!

Good Morning everyone! Today is a big day for the Studio V crew. We have been pouring over concept designs for a week and have selected sites, determined a program we would like to target, and are going to present today. Keep in mind these are concepts, so we are still studying the site and [...]

W.A.G. and C.B.

The West Ashley Greenway Plan Today the Community Build (C.B.) gang went out the West Ashley Greenway (W.A.G.) to get first hand experience of riding on the bike path. Since we are working with the Charleston Parks Conservancy, we wanted to get out on the path and do some site assessment and find possible locations [...]