Formwork take 2

Hey everyone!

The team created a comprehensive set of shop drawings to explain each piece

I come bearing good news! We have been using our break to create a new set of formwork drawings and from those shop drawings we have created a new set of formwork to drop in on site today. Our steel was also delivered and bent to the radius that we needed for our supports. The steel then was drilled for holes to connect the multiple arcs together and will now go through the process of being welded into shape. The team is on site today to prepare the formwork for the concrete pour this week and moral is high going into the setup for the pour.  We  are  excited to continue working and can update you all with pictures as things come together on site!  Below are a couple snap shots of what our team has been up to recently.

Also needed was a set of rebar shop drawings to help with the creation of our rebar shape

The team completed the first set of formwork and it is ready for installation!

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