Formwork [almost complete!]

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week that we are now in the middle of. I would also say it is a vital week that we have taken very seriously in order to make the most progress possible.

Today, we set most of the formwork on the bikeway side (in the freezing cold I may add – it was absolutely frigid!) However, we were very pleased with how the formwork came together relatively precisely. The formwork has been a constant issue for the last week and a half, but after reviewing our previous errors we were able to succeed.

Tomorrow we will plan to add rebar into the formwork components. This will give the concrete pour strength.

Claire and I have also been juggling the ordering, shipment, and paperwork with regards to the project. This has been an eye-opening assignment that has had us communicate with providers and sellers daily. We also are keeping track of everything ordered so it can arrive on time and properly.

I think we are in good shape for the pour on Thursday, and we will then be heavily involved with the FRP (bridge flooring) and metal work.

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