Formwork [almost complete!]

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week that we are now in the middle of. I would also say it is a vital week that we have taken very seriously in order to make the most progress possible. Today, we set most of the formwork on the bikeway side (in the freezing cold I [...]

Decisions Move You Forward

Hello all! As we continue to move towards a final design, we have many choices that still need to be made. We are still very lucky that we have time on our side in order to still work on the bridge after Thanksgiving break. Recently, we have split into groups all working on small parts [...]

Bridge Schematic Design Crossroads

Hey everyone! As we conclude this week it feels like we might be running circles trying to come up with a design that solves a host of issues. We as a class all want a bridge design that is aseptically pleasing (which we have broad authority to do), within budget, fairly easy to construct, somewhat [...]

Moving Onwards

Hi Friends! On the previous Friday we as a class discussed our options going forwards for the studio. We determined for the time being that we would have the online students continue the previous project, the returning studio V students work on the dock project, and the new studio V students work on the tennis [...]