Bridge Schematic Design Crossroads

Hey everyone! As we conclude this week it feels like we might be running circles trying to come up with a design that solves a host of issues. We as a class all want a bridge design that is aseptically pleasing (which we have broad authority to do), within budget, fairly easy to construct, somewhat challenging so we do not burn out (but also not to difficult), and also visually interesting. Quite a lot of requirements with the number of weeks left in the single digits!

I think tomorrow we as a class will have to make some decisions as to what we want the bridge to look like. Decisions move you forward – and that is certainly something we need! I think this week we have done a lot of rethinking of the many choices we have thought were solid choices.

The gabion usage seems to be thrown out, but some kind of barrier to keep the land back is in. One of the things I am learning here with this small-scale project is that details are crucial. This is difficult for me mostly because in studio projects we do not think like this. We often think big picture and the small details are just left blank. With this project EVERYTHING must be coordinated, everything must be thought-out, and everything must work!

While we have a lot of work to do for this Mondays review, I am confident that we can create our proposal quickly and of a good quality.

The latest sketches below.

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