Horticulture Center – Take 2

Heyy guys!

I’m back again to bring you another edition of “What is going on with Studio V?!” As yall have noticed we are split into two studio groups, Forrest Park Bridge and the Horticulture Center. I am on the Horticulture team and we are grinding towards our meeting with the Conservancy next Monday. Our goal this week is to finalize our designs and update our site to fit within our scope of work. We are working with sketches, diagrams, study models, and 3D modeling software to understand potential usage and building layouts on the site. Our end goal is to provide construction documents to show our understanding of the architecture. We are striving to fully understand the built architecture so we hope our meeting with the Conservancy will lead us to 3 great options of a fully understood building. All three members, (including myself) are working hard to propose an exciting, realistic, and advantageous design that will give the Conservancy an idea of the future for the Magnolia Community Garden.

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