Design, Construction, Materials, & Cost

After meeting back together today, we are beginning to find our direction for the future site of the Forest Park Bridge.  Like my classmates explained in previous blog entries, we were subdivided into three groups focusing on different aspects of the bridge construction. Today was the first chance we were able to reconvince after breaking apart Friday to discuss changes and new ideas moving forward.

During the charrette in studio today design, construction, materials, and cost were heavily analyzed to determine what to improve for Wednesday’s class. The first group up presented design ideas on Gabion methods for retaining erosion and creating the structure of the viewing platform. We spent about half an hour discussing cost and material methods to create our own Gabion cages and where to acquire fill material. On the flipside we required analysis on the benefits of creation of our own cages verses purchases premanufactured cages with material.

The final group to present their weekend finding was on the topic of railings and materials. The concept of the rail systems revolved around the use of chain-link fencing, in methods not commonly used. This group created a concept of twisting the fencing along the façade of the bridge, created a ruled-surface like rail system.  One of the key aspects of their design was color. The use of color is very heavy around Forest Park and it only makes sense for the use of color to draw pedestrians from the West Ashley Bikeway into the park.

By the end of studio critiques were given to both groups on how to alter and look for new concepts for class on Wednesday. Wednesday and Friday hold as work session and internal reviews as we prepare with one of our final design meetings on Monday with the Charleston Conservancy. Check back in the coming days to see what my classmates and I create for both the Charleston Tennis Center and Forest Park.


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