Rest, Relax, Reset

As our work slowing comes to a close before splitting ways for the Thanksgiving Holiday there is much accomplished and still more to be accomplished. As many others have talked about, we spent the greater part of the last two weeks out on site preparing for our concrete pour. While part of our group was [...]

First Design Mockups Begin

Since the last update, we enjoyed a much needed Fall break from classes. Over the course of the 4-day weekend production did not halt. Currently there are multiple teams going strong towards the deadline of a final concept and material study by next Monday. Teams worked to mockup various handrail concepts along with developing the [...]

Design, Construction, Materials, & Cost

After meeting back together today, we are beginning to find our direction for the future site of the Forest Park Bridge.  Like my classmates explained in previous blog entries, we were subdivided into three groups focusing on different aspects of the bridge construction. Today was the first chance we were able to reconvince after breaking [...]

A Change of Pace

As you may have heard Community Build begun to meet in-person Monday after months apart. This is a big week for the program with our third meeting with the Parks Conservancy coming up tomorrow. Since school resumed in August, we have been pushing towards this point where we would propose our “Master Plans” for the [...]

It’s About the Bigger Picture

When working with a public group it is beneficial to weigh the community impact your work can have. As many of my other colleagues have stated, we have been working towards a presentation to the Charleston Parks Conservancy about a potential Urban Horticulture Center. As we are in the final hours of preparation, we have [...]