A Change of Pace

As you may have heard Community Build begun to meet in-person Monday after months apart. This is a big week for the program with our third meeting with the Parks Conservancy coming up tomorrow. Since school resumed in August, we have been pushing towards this point where we would propose our “Master Plans” for the Magnolia Community Garden’s future. After two very successful meetings with the conservancy we broke into teams and iterated various schemes for the new Urban Horticulture Center.

Each of our teams focused on a specific trait that would become the foundation of our scheme. My partner, Aaron, and I decided to focus of the idea of a Dogtrot style building. This design would unify all programs under one roof, while allowing each program to determine the space needed. While dogtrot style buildings/homes originally designed around natural cooling the practice is still an important element in designing a LEED Certified Building. After countless hours of research and iterating we arrived at a design we are eager to propose in tomorrow’s meeting. Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks to hear how our design meetings resulted and what lies in the future for Magnolia Community Garden.

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