The Future of Studio

Wake up Charleston area! We are back again, every morning at 9 to give you your daily update on Studio V.

Yesterday we presented our 7 strategies to the Conservancy and received individual feedback on the pros and cons of each presentation. Below are the design strategies we came up with ……      

Holy City Center for Growth                                 Center of Cultivation


Rooted Connection                                                 H.E.R.Bin

                          Neighborhood Park Conservancy Center        Pedestrian Connection

Community Fare

If you have been keeping up with us lately, you know that classes have resumed for us in person. Most students are back on campus and others are staying online so this changes our remaining projects for the semester. Our goal now is to discuss where Studio V will be of best use for the community and the Conservancy. We have discussed possible continuations on the current project of the Horticulture Center or continuing our contributions to the Greenway.  We are excited to discuss the future of Studio V. Stay tuned to find out where we’re headed next!


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