The time to pivot

After our review this past wednesday we had a great talk with the Conservancy about the future of this semester. We all were encouraged to think about what we would like out of the rest of our semester and investigate how we could achieve it. For me personally, I am very excited about the potential to build. There are a few ideas being tossed around since the semester is not quite set in stone. Here is a concept of how I think this semester could play out.  This is just a proposal of how this semester could work. Its not fully realized but below are the ways in which i think we could have a semester to look back upon with good memories and fulfillment.

The studio of 14 is too large to work solely on one small project. In that, there is an opportunity here to "make up lost time" since we did not get to build last semester. For that reason we could split the studio into 2 smaller groups

Group one consists of the five returning students that helped design the Coburg bench project from last semester (above). These students are already familiar with the design and are hoping to have a product from the hard work put in last semester.  Granted this product will not take the rest of the semester to finish, but more on that later.


Group two consists of the students that are new to the program this semester. This group would have the opportunity to design and build their own creation in a means of "catching up" from not being able to build last semester.  These students will have to take on an intensive design process to produce a product, however this group of well versed graduate and undergraduate students can take this task head on.

This plan will need cooperation and serious collaboration from both teams to complete the projects, but that is what A+CB is all about! Since group one's project from last semester will not take the entire time, there will be five additional sets of hands available to help wrap up group two's construction. This allows the students to construct two small - medium scale projects  along the greenway in a semester that would put us back on track for producing one project per semester.

Following the framework above could allow for a semester that will be intense but overall fulfilling when the two projects are completed and being used by the community. Again, just to reiterate, this is just my thoughts on our plan for the rest of the semester. As you can see, i am excited to have the conversation tomorrow and hope that we can all come to an agreement that makes everyone happy.


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