Moving Onwards

Hi Friends!

On the previous Friday we as a class discussed our options going forwards for the studio. We determined for the time being that we would have the online students continue the previous project, the returning studio V students work on the dock project, and the new studio V students work on the tennis court project. I believe we will work like this for a short period of time in order to best determine where to put our energy in the coming weeks. We think that there will be a final review before fall break, then after that we will build.

Our group has been tasked with creating something at the tennis court area. This site is in West Ashley off of highway 17 behind Whole Foods. It is connected along with paths and adjacent to a residential area. I visited the site today and took these photos. My impression of the site is that it is mostly flat and has good frontage along the path. I think anything built would probably be useful to serve both the residential community and the people using the path system. There is ample shade by a large tree which creates a nice natural centerpiece.

As we move forward as a studio, I think it will be important to have clear design intent quickly.


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