Pushing Forward!

Welcome back to another installment of late night Studio V work! This week we’ve been nonstop grinding and welding and as you can guess, punching and painting. We’ve said it time and time again, we are hard at work trying to meet deadlines and produce a quality build for Frierson Elementary and the surrounding community [...]

Construction Drawings vs. Shop Drawings

Shop drawings (also known as fabrication drawings): are detailed plans that translate design intent. They provide fabricators with the information necessary to manufacture, fabricate, assemble and install all the components of a structure. In this project, we are the fabricators, manufacturers, and installers for every component our design. As we move towards the end of [...]

It has been a busy week for the Community Build studio here at the Cigar Factory! We are working tirelessly to provide various concepts for our presentation next Monday at Frierson Elementary. After our studio wide check-in last Monday, my team and I working on the small group design discussed further the elements and ideas [...]

Giving the Handrails a Facelift

Our second project for "Spring Cleaning" is at Forrest Park where we tackled some small repairs on the bridge. The bridge was completed in the Fall of 2020 that utilized tensegrity as an architectural form for the basis of the bridge. Using steel rods as cables, the bridge works in tension to connect the Bikeway [...]

Studio V Progress

Welcome Back to another insightful blog about Studio V's progress this semester! This week looked a little different for us as we had Fall Break until Tuesday and classes resumed on Wednesday. For our half week of classes, we have been pushing right on through with each groups project. For the Horticulture Center group, we [...]

Horticulture Center – Take 2

Heyy guys! I'm back again to bring you another edition of "What is going on with Studio V?!" As yall have noticed we are split into two studio groups, Forrest Park Bridge and the Horticulture Center. I am on the Horticulture team and we are grinding towards our meeting with the Conservancy next Monday. Our [...]

The Future of Studio

Wake up Charleston area! We are back again, every morning at 9 to give you your daily update on Studio V. Yesterday we presented our 7 strategies to the Conservancy and received individual feedback on the pros and cons of each presentation. Below are the design strategies we came up with ......       [...]

Presentation Ready!

As this week comes to a close and our research has been compiled, we are gathering for another Zoom meeting with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. Today, we will be going over our Research + Analysis Presentation in the Conservancy’s hopes for a Horticulture Center in West Ashley. We have worked hard for the past two [...]