Studio V Progress

Welcome Back to another insightful blog about Studio V’s progress this semester!

This week looked a little different for us as we had Fall Break until Tuesday and classes resumed on Wednesday. For our half week of classes, we have been pushing right on through with each groups project. For the Horticulture Center group, we have been working towards finalizing our structure for the building and exploring design ideas that come with the details of a building. We meet last Friday with fellow professor, Dustin Albright. Albright has a M.Arch. and an M.S. in Civil Engineering in Structures from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and he also has a B.S. in Physics-Engineering from Washington and Lee University. We utilized his expertise in structure and materials to finalize our designs and work towards understanding how our building will be built.

This conversation led to many questions on our part which is what we were looking for. Now it is our turn to continue with the structure and create drawings that diagram our building. These drawings are typically known as Site Plans, Floor Plans, Building Sections, Elevations, Wall Sections, and Detail Sections. Stay tuned to see how these drawings turn out!

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