First Design Mockups Begin

Since the last update, we enjoyed a much needed Fall break from classes. Over the course of the 4-day weekend production did not halt. Currently there are multiple teams going strong towards the deadline of a final concept and material study by next Monday. Teams worked to mockup various handrail concepts along with developing the idea of a tensegrity structure as the bridge its self. Currently, the leading concept is a tensegrity based design placed on two concrete foundation blocks located on opposite sides of the drainage ditch. One of the final teams to make a leap forward in concepts is site design. We began planning the overarching concept of the landscaping that will frame the new Forest Park Bridge. One of the most exciting events occurred over the weekend; we began to receive material samples. The first sample to arrive is our Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating, currently we are bouncing between the idea of using FRP grating, Wooden 2x4s, or creating our own custom deck material. While we are nearing the final weeks of the build there are still many new discoveries that we are excited to share in future blog posts.

Tensegrity Scale Model

FRP Grating Sample

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