Flexing our way to Fall break with Spookyfull vibes by KEEPING UP THE GRIND

Community Build hooligan Ryan! Ryan love to wear his red googles in the shop and tell you about structure through beats that only he knows.

As you know, we are moving fast in studio V, not at the speed that we expected but still, we are speeding things up and getting closer to a final schematic design.

On Friday, we came up and discussed different design options both for the bridge’s deck and the bridge overall railing and structural system.

Concerning the bridge railing and structural engineering, we have been walking back and forth to the computer, our sketch papers, and the weld shop, coming with different mock-ups and possibilities.

Here, you can see Henry and Aaron in the shop twisting and welding L-channel and steel plates for a possible handrail-guardrailing design.

Aaron knows that welding is an art

Master welders Aaron and Henry Lee JOINTING some stuffs in the shop. NEXT

This is what we do, we make things happen by building mock-ups and doing more mock-ups and more mock-ups . Henry is pretty proud of this piece I can tell, but let’s see what the studio crew think.
Another mock-up made by Kevin Crumley, thinking about bike spokes and how to connect them.

Moreover, we had three options regarding the bridge overall structure. Option 1 would be oriented towards tensegrity and cables system, option 2 would rethink bikes spokes as a focal design element, and option 3 focused on introducing a hybrid railing-handrailing system that also serve as bridge fence component.

Also, the team working on the bridge deck’s design came up with a few options for a sturdy and ADA accessible bridge using materials such as FRP or artificial wood decking (either hybrid or a single material)

But again, we were reminded that “simplicity” and more “simplicity” would make this project successful.

After careful review and discussion about all the ideas we gathered, and after analyzing each idea pros and cons, we decided that we would spend the week end and the day after that working harder on the project, instead of going on full Fall break mood for 5 days straight.

We are regrouping on sunday afternoon to review our final schematic design, and then head to the shop to start working on final mockups before we return to studio on wednesday.

We have to get our construction document ready this week, and our focus is on getting to that point where we all agree on one single idea and one single design for the bridge. Although we had to compromise a lot and disagree a few too many times, we are in a solid position and ready to go with one final option for the Forest Park Bridge.

Before I forget, Friday was Prof. Pastre’ birthday and a few of us decided to celebrate him by heading down to the woodshop and crafting a wooden cupcake topped with saw dust crumble. What a better way to celebrate the man who pushes us to think beyond limits, and mentor us everyday as to how we should take our ideas and skills a little higher, a little deeper, and one step further.

Birthday cupcake, Another one !!!

I said it all, and hopefully, you all have a safe and great halloween week end filled with SPOOKYFULL vibes!!!


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