Good Vibes in the air !

Hello Friends, Must be a rough morning, or even a challenging day, either way, this post isn't about me or you, it is about Us. Yes, Us! The picture on top has been my virtual background since day one, when we started online learning on Zoom a month ago. Not sure how much energy it [...]

Un altro Giorno…..

We are getting close........ Hello Friends, It is been a while but here I am again, ready to take you on a short ride so that you can be on the loop with what has been going on in studio V. Unfortunately, today's ride won't last long like the other ones because we spent most [...]

Head on new beginnings

As you might already know, last week was fun, and a little sad for football fans like me. The Tigers didn't bring home another National Championship and well, I know we will get them next year. Keeping on the fun part......We visited most of the projects that were built in the past 3 - 5years [...]