Farm….hub…. Cultivation….. Good Vibes Hub?

Hello friends,

Monday was our first day of in-person class. After nearly 6 months away from each other we are back at the center. Things are running different this time, but it is our hope that we will keep meeting in person for the remainder of the semester.

Our Presentation is due tomorrow Wednesday, and we have been revisiting our plans, diagrams, layouts, and programming. Templates are ready and every team is working on last details for the presentation. We have come with different options to present to the park and conservancy, and hopefully the discussion will be fruitful and engaging.

On Monday, one of our biggest discussion was about the organization of our presentation and how many drawings and details should be shown to the conservancy, the discussion lasted almost an hour before we all came to an understanding for the right number of slides per group.

However, the hardest part still, I would say, has been to find a suitable name for this envisioned horticulture center. Farm, …hub, … cultivation, … all these words can link to horticulture but what name really make sense?Still looking for the appropriate one for this project but again we have suggestions with some that are fun, long and mind-blowing. Or what about the “Good Vibes Hub” , wouldn’t that be the best name for a place where kids, community, and neighbors come to celebrate horticulture and breath fresh air?

Maybe, maybe, we will see.

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