Good Vibes are Back in Session

Hello friends,

It’s been a long and enjoyable summer even during this crazy pandemic. It might not have been the same for all of my fellow and current colleagues in Studio V, but I tried to keep the good vibes around as much as I could. Now that we just started the semester, it has been the beginning of another wild ride. So far, things are moving at a great speed, and although virtual learning is kind of like the new “normal” for most of us, we try to cherish and make these moments memorable and impactful.

Well, enough of the small talks, now, let’s dive into what’s been happening in our home base. As highlighted by most of my colleagues in their previous posts, Studio V is getting ready to meet virtually with the Parks and Conservancy to discuss their future Horticulture Center in West Ashley.

Guess what? Working online for the most part has been a challenge for many of us, myself included. However, this last Spring we were able to adapt, switch gears, and stay consistent in the work and projects we worked on, and this second time around, we are doing the same and much better since we learned a lot when it comes to the ups and down of delivering a virtual presentation.

The presentation is due in 2 days and we are getting ready and ahead of ourselves. We are working hard to put it together. History matters, context matters, demographics matter, but well, how do you ties all these things into a cogent, engaging, and cohesive slideshow? that’s our challenge in the next two days.

During our past meetings, a few words have come up. One of those words was “sustainability.” It is a broad term with different definition, but we found ourselves in the hunts for architecture precedents and innovative design inspirations and ideas that will reinforce our vision and approaches for this future building. From outdoor learning experiences to using new standards of teaching the younger and older folks about horticulture, it can be a challenge, but we decided to explore and take part in this project not just by suggesting opportunities, but by thinking forward about the conservancy’s goals as it evolves through the years.

Today, we will be reviewing our first draft of the presentation, and will keep on editing it as we move closer to Friday. The hype is there, the energy is there, and it is going to be exciting to see what this group can achieve together. Honestly, the camaraderie is amazing after just two weeks of classes. The new team members are getting the vibes, and this again shows that Studio V is about more than crafting structures for the community, it is about helping students be better listeners, team members, and designers in the long run. I believe I said it right,…..

Now let’s get back to work…. see you again soon

Don’t forget to keep the good vibes in the air !!!!

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