Blogs as a teaching tool

What do blogs teach us?

Following a productive weekend of researching architectural precedents, Charleston history, horticulture history, and West Ashley climatic and demographic information, Studio V had the chance yesterday to run through all of our findings and compile them into a more cohesive plan for this coming Friday’s presentation with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. We still have a lot of refining, gathering of information, and rehearsing to do but we are in great shape to host a productive meeting.

Conveying a mood or telling the story of a program or idea was an important topic during our Monday discussions. Our goal is not to simply share architecture that we consider successful, that we like, or that we think is important. Rather, we want to convey a mood, a feeling, a sense of place that honors the goals of the project. The team is working to dissect the project goals and provide successful architectural examples that act as a catalyst for discussing design solutions and design strategies for the Magnolia park site.

The work day ended with the usual ‘Zoom Breakout Room’ time with our research groups. A topic for the architectural precedents team was “building as a teaching tool” and how to convey / explain what we mean by this phrase. It was interesting that we seem to “know what it means” but don’t really know how to explain why we know what it means or what it looks like very easily. We discussed the topic and crafted some ideas on how to clearly define it and believe it will evolve into a fruitful discussion for us on Friday.

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