Dark side of the Zoom

Hello. (Is there anybody in there?) The timing of this post simply echoes Ryan's previous post. Its a busy time and hard work to remain organized and on schedule. Our featured image today is a Zoom call of our group as we work this evening to hone in on the outline of our version 2 [...]

The bend is nigh

Good Morning! Today we will reconvene in studio to discuss some explorations into the structure and progress of our projects. Although we are focusing primarily on final design and construction documentation this week, we had to break and explore some mock-ups of connections and processes to manipulate steel. Early this week we dabbled in some [...]

Who can say where the road goes…

And, certainly who can say where the time goes as well. Evidence provided by this Friday update appearing Sunday afternoon; it has been a very busy week. Somehow channeling the proverbs of Enya earlier this week proved a productive exercise in which the Coburg-Timmerman 'square' group sat and sketched out some ideas for the space along [...]

Make the most of your Egrets.

That's a GREAT looking bird. Its a great white egret. I found this guy while taking a walk on the West Ashley Greenway this past weekend with my wife, Hannah, and my dog, Romulus. Studio V is deep into research and compiling our thoughts into some concepts for a few key sites along the Greenway. [...]

Wasabi Arugula

As the title alludes, yes, the week has culminated to a spicy and delicately crisp ending. The Architecture and Community Build studio has been working hard this week on cleaning and repairs to projects of semesters past. It has been a wonderful experience to immerse ourselves in the design-build scene and study our student predecessors' [...]