Make the most of your Charrettes.

Good morning everyone, it’s Friday! That means final design charrette day with Studio V A+CB. Our design / build team is meeting up this afternoon to have a good ol’ fashioned design charrette for our Forest Park Bridge repair project. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the Parks Conservancy and many other of our community members who dedicated their time to helping us students design some important work for our community. We hope our efforts solve the critical accessibility issues associated with the bridge at Forest Park and strengthen the relationships between our Charleston park systems.

The bikeway is an incredible community asset that needs connectivity to important moments in the neighborhoods that it intersects. And, it needs to be easy. Sure, we can bike or walk up playground road, cross the street, cross the intersection and then walk down the bikeway. But, we lose the sense of being in the park that way. We exit the pedestrian domain and enter the vehicular domain to then re-enter the pedestrian domain. It may be a small bridge, but its a massive gesture that leverages two parks and invites them into conversation with one another.

During our charrette we need to be supporting this dialectic between two important parks and design a plan where our time, resources, craft, and site strategy compliment this park relationship. We are hopeful that our strategy can be leveraged as a way to continually beautify our park systems in Charleston and further connect our community to the wonderfully designed amenities it has outdoors.


We will be assessing the pros and cons of each design concept we presented on Wednesday and evaluating their strengths based on feedback. We value the strategies used in each but not necessarily all of the details used in each. We wont be frankenstein-ing bridges together, but rather seek to be critical of how we can achieve each positive moment with respect to many of the cons we discussed in our previous meeting.

Three designs enter. One design leaves. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, its designin’ time. No, we wont be calling this bridge ‘blaster’ or ‘the bridge with no name’ and it certainly wont be as violent as the beyond thunderdome imagery I’m using. We’re here to build bridges not domes. We do architecture and community building.

Possible design Charrette poster. Pending funding. I hope you all enjoy the goofs.

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