The week end is over, now back to work

Hello Friends,

Happy Monday!

Not sure how everyone week end was, but it was a long stretch. I Watched “Clemson” win, my “Seahawks” beat the Vikings, and “Lakers” win another championship, it lifted my spirit up, and these players inspired me to keep waking up and lifting my feet.  It was the perfect Sunday for me and I believe most of my colleagues had their own way to watch Clemson beats Miami and enjoy the beach, although it was mostly cloudy Saturday and Sunday.

Now that I summed up the week end, let’s dive into what’s happening in studio V. I am always excited to write in this blog, no better way to keep our fans and followers on the loop with what we are doing.

Well, we left studio on Friday afternoon with some big tasks. After spending time going through last Wednesday’s review, the crew met on Friday to discuss the pro and cons of every project (as a reminder, there were 3 designs proposals). We shared ideas and thoughts and brought back our notes and highlights from the presentation. Every comment made, was taken into account. We missed that collaborative feeling, to have all 11 students on the same team was great, and again, we made some new sketches and talked about a single design of the anticipated bridge that will be built at Forest Park. The whole afternoon was spent discussing materials, seating, safety, color zones, bike racks, bridge footing/support, bridge fencing/railing, and bridge landings (both on the park side and on the bikeway side). Coming with a single idea was challenging but that’s what we do in studio V, we innovate and design through compromise and understanding, self criticism and listening to each other’s thoughts and visions.

Again, after coming together with a single idea that would help us move forward, we made a tasks list for Monday and each student could join a group. The four different tasks included, cost analysis of materials, railing study, gabion infill research and gabion cage’ shape study.

Today, we will be meeting as a group to gather those information and make final decisions on materials, the shape and supports systems of our bridge, and the design of both the railing and seating on the bridge.

Not to forget that we are also working on Farmfield (site of the Tennis center on the West Ashley Greenway) all together. Everyone was tasked to bring in new sketches, ideas, and precedents that will help us work on a single design before our deadline of October 19.

All in all, at this point, I would say, two things are happening in studio V. On the one hand, we are working together to finalize the bridge design at Forest park, and on the other hand, we are making new drawings and proposals that will be used at Farmfield.

Not to forget that the 3 students working remotely are also grinding hard to finalize their design for the future horticulture center located at the intersection between Magnolia Rd. and Sycamore Ave.

That’s it!

Before we go, let’s remind ourselves that we are all awesome, and the best way to start our Monday off right is to keep smiling and spreading good vibes of course.


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