A(bridge)d Meeting Minutes

Yesterday our studio met with various staff members from the Charleston Parks Conservancy to discuss our 3 proposals for a bridge at Forest Park. After each group spent some time burning the midnight oil, we were more than ready to present our new ideas. Team alpha was first to go and yes, we decided that using the NATO phonetic alphabet was the best way to name our teams. Team alpha’s proposal included a large amount of site shaping that would be accomplished by using gabion retaining walls. Up next was team bravo and their idea for the site included multiple landings along the bridge and the color yellow. These landings would allow many pedestrians to have a resting area right off of the greenway. Finally, team charlie presented their site proposal that included a long curved ramp which incorporated bike racks and seating on each side. While some thought it looked like a dock, others could have sworn they saw something just like it on the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After a lot of helpful discussion, we are moving forward with a plan to combine the best elements of each of these proposals into one super bridge. With a slightly more limited time frame this semester, we really can’t wait to get started on the final schematic design process for the new and much needed addition to forest park.

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