(Re)defining the Architecture – Horticulture Center

Studio-V has adjusted differently this semester by correlating between virtual and in-person sessions. As we continue to practice social distancing, we are slowly starting to see the studio culture come back to life. Students are back at the CDC and are working hard at designing a new bridge for Forest Park within West Ashley. At the same time, some students are still operating virtually and are working hard to redefine the horticulture center at Magnolia Park and Community Garden. This time around, the students will focus on the overall design and how the structure will interact with one of the site strategies we had presented to the Conservancy two weeks ago; Magnolia, central location, and Sycamore. As we reviewed the comments and concerns from the previous review, we are starting to dive deeper into our concept design by defining its programmatic spaces. Next week, we will begin moving towards understanding its structural elements and its relationship to materiality.

Photo 1: Study models

Photo 2: Building orientation

For now, the in-person students are getting ready to present their first schematic designs to the Conservancy this afternoon. As for the virtual students, we are looking forward to presenting our design next week for feedback. Return tomorrow to see how the meeting went for theĀ Forest Park project!

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