Make the most of your Egrets.

That’s a GREAT looking bird. Its a great white egret. I found this guy while taking a walk on the West Ashley Greenway this past weekend with my wife, Hannah, and my dog, Romulus. Studio V is deep into research and compiling our thoughts into some concepts for a few key sites along the Greenway. It’s equally important to experience the site and immerse ourselves in it’s beauty, as many of us have already been biking and walking it for the past few weeks. Can’t miss beautiful days like these so here are some pictures of the marshland towards the southern end of the West Ashley Greenway.

Utility towers poke above the tree line in the distance. Tall grasses pierce the lowering tide. The broken coverage of the trees along the Greenway frame this calm scene where a man quietly fishes in the wetland.
Claiming refuge below a fuzzy tree. The glow of the sun behind reveals the shallowness near the shore through the subtle ripples that appear to stretch the surface of the water.
A tree’s roots create steps to the worn down shore while a drifted wood creates shadows on the floor.
Egret swallows decision to eat fish only milliseconds prior to photo.
I stumbled across some sticks nestled below the Spanish Moss.


A family photo after a good afternoon at the Greenway. Fido approved, very walkable.

We have such an amazing site to experience this semester. We in Studio V are excited to share all of our many outings enjoying the Greenway as well as sharing the journey of working to contribute to this awesome place. We are engaging in design Charrettes this week to direct our conceptual designs and hopefully we can share that experience very soon. Mohamed has got the next update and it’ll be a great one as usual!

Thanks friends,

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