Seasons don’t fear the Rebar

Nor do the wind, the sun, and the rain. Community build don’t fear no rebar. Or concrete footings. Or formwork. Our work – ITS IN FORM. It’s Friday and Its been a few weeks since I’ve SPOKEn to all you community build/ StudioV fans. I have the pleasure of updating you all on the success of the dig from Thursday. We are preparing for our formwork setup this coming weekend and eventual concrete pour of our bridge bearing seats the beginning of next week!.

Thursday was also spent thinking about rebar layout and design. The team will reconvene in studio/zoom this afternoon to iron out formwork details and finalize our game plan for the weekend. Wish us luck with a lotttttttttttttt of work ahead and notttttt a lot of time left in the semester.


Kevin digs a hole for Aaron to stand in so Kevin can be taller for once.
The Community Build Crew was supported with some extra hands by the city this morning in the dig effort!
Mo can dig it.
Aaron did dig it.
Aaron attacks a rogue shirt with a community build standard issue pick axe.
Kevin moving dirt. One dirt at a time.



The team has been working to finalize the overall footprint of our strategy for the bridge bearing seat and retaining wall at the BikeWay side of the drainage ditch. Luckily, StudioV has maintained a long relationship with structural engineer John Moore of 4SE, INC. John has been managing to pull structural solutions together to help us as we continue to design, tweak, and work out our fabrication strategies for the bridge.

Recently John provided the crew with a sketch of a bearing seat detail and rebar network for us to try out, so Ryan and I spent last night working on the layout in our 3D model to estimate accurately how much rebar we need to order and prep for this weekend.

John Moore

Bearing Seat Sketch, 2020

Graphite on 20lb paper.

A structural piece for the Forest Park Bridge. Donated.


Community Builders Ryan Chan Bing and Jeremy L. Eaton

Seasons don’t fear the Rebar, 2020

Magenta on Rhino 6

A concerted effort to be productive. Standard tuition rates applied.


Thanks friends. Please send good vibes. And more CowBell.



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