Anyone who has seen the movie Holes (or read the book) knows that digging holes is hard work. Maybe Shia LaBeouf knows it best of all. As it turns out Studio V is also about to learn firsthand what it takes to dig some holes. After a successful day of spray painting the lines for the concrete foundation layout on the site, the concrete team members are meeting with a crew from the city to help dig the 3 foot deep foundations. One of the major obstacles in our way are the existing bridge post that are still in the ground. After Demoing the bridge on Monday, we discovered that the existing bridge had been set in rather large concrete footing about 2 feet into the ground. Our team, along with help from the city, plans on moving these first. Then we will be able to finish digging out the remaining foundations. Due to the thickness of the wall it seems our best move to use shovels instead of a backhoe. After digging we will be setting up formwork this weekend in preparation for a concrete pour before thanksgiving. Stay tuned for progress updates!

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