Rest, Relax, Reset

As our work slowing comes to a close before splitting ways for the Thanksgiving Holiday there is much accomplished and still more to be accomplished. As many others have talked about, we spent the greater part of the last two weeks out on site preparing for our concrete pour. While part of our group was on site another team was back in the shop preparing formwork to slot into the great holes dug on site.  This week has been difficult for many reason and as a team we learned the impact on minute discrepancies in our drawings and the larger impact it can have towards our timeline. For better or worse we did delay our concrete pour by a few days to better ensure ideal site conditions and formwork construction. Work will still continue at some extent over the next few days.  Tomorrow our steel is delivered to the shop and the remaining students plan to prep the material and get it off to the metal bender before we return from break. I know myself and many other are looking forward to these next few days where we can take a small step back and rest, relax, and reset and come back after Thanksgiving recharged and ready to connect Forest Park to the West Ashley Bikeway.

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