Dark side of the Zoom

Hello. (Is there anybody in there?) The timing of this post simply echoes Ryan’s previous post. Its a busy time and hard work to remain organized and on schedule. Our featured image today is a Zoom call of our group as we work this evening to hone in on the outline of our version 2 document. But its just not any zoom call. Its the third one. We keep exhausting our time limit. This image captured a special moment when Zoom gifted us a free unlimited session.

We’re drawing nearer to the end of the semester and a lot of things are going on. A lot of work is being done creating this document to support MUSC in their response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’re proud to be a part of an awesome team. We’ll continue with another virtual class session tomorrow. See you on the Dark Side of the Zoom.



Wash your hands.


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