Wasabi Arugula

As the title alludes, yes, the week has culminated to a spicy and delicately crisp ending. The Architecture and Community Build studio has been working hard this week on cleaning and repairs to projects of semesters past. It has been a wonderful experience to immerse ourselves in the design-build scene and study our student predecessors’ work. As we start the semester studying these precedents we truly begin as we mean to go on.

The cistern at the Spring 2019 A+CB studio project within Corrine Jones park. Check out the Charleston Parks Conservancy page on the community garden. Within this image are 5 opportunities for our team to work on and improve an already great project. The park is thriving with families eager about gardening together and enjoying the atmosphere.

Have you ever eaten Wasabi Arugula? It’s nuts. You should try it. Our featured image today is a view from the Arugula’s perspective and it’s such a wonderful scene. We see our team in conversation beneath the garden shed structure discussing some water leaks from the gutter, moving the cistern to catch the water from the gutter, and spreading new gravel in a few locations in the park. We also see “The Flower Patch” sign in a raised bed filled with arugula, lettuce, spinach, and various other leafy greens.

Many of the raised planter beds in the garden fence look like this scene. Evidence of families growing tasty crops together and leaving their personal mark on the place. The atmosphere exhibits community. As we were assessing the drippy gutters under the pavilion we met English, a Charleston Parks Conservancy volunteer, who appreciated the work we were doing and offered us some of her finest wasabi arugula. It was a leafy-green ticket to access the community that exists there. I’m looking forward to more of these subtle encounters in the weeks to come.

Above are just two hardworking gentlemen putting in the man-hours behind the scenes so our team can care for the projects we’ve selected this semester. Henry performs surgery on the power washer while Ryan assists.

I suppose the spicy part of the week is the ambiguity surrounding the power washer, as explained in Justin’s previous post, but we think things are looking up. We have plenty of time this weekend to remain on schedule with repairs, cleaning, and preparing for the things ahead. We’ll update you on Tuesday as this coming Monday, January 20th we observe the 25th anniversary of MLK day of service. Enjoy your weekend.

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