Head on new beginnings

As you might already know, last week was fun, and a little sad for football fans like me. The Tigers didn’t bring home another National Championship and well, I know we will get them next year. Keeping on the fun part……We visited most of the projects that were built in the past 3 – 5years here in Charleston, and you won’t believe how vibrant and appealing these projects are !!! I felt moved and impressed by the level of craft, care, effort, and love that the last architecture cohorts dedicated into building these structures (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS a G.O.A.T., Although I am not sure if there will ever be an Hall of Fame ceremony to induct you, I know for sure that you inspire us all and we are very proud and excited to keep up on that journey). I can gladly say that we are on to a beautiful semester with more design and build, mistakes and sleepless nights, but most of all fun, excitement, and learning…….

Did I forget to say that it already started this week end under a cold afternoon spent at Corinne Jones Playground….. It is been a while since I sat on a swing, watched young kids run wild, and enjoyed both sun and wind together at the same place with all my beautiful friends. Might I add the fact that drain pipes, sand, and shovels were part of the party, and that was a big “welcome back to architecture school my friends”… Cheers to new beginnings!!!.

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