Can you handle a Pressure washer ?

Early on a saturday morning, it was our day one at Sweetgrass Garden….. We are ready to wash… Ooppss…. I meant we are ready to clean and sanitize the shed. There was a lot of moisture and dust a little bit everywhere on the structure, but you need to trust my right hand DJ Holmes, AKA ” No Pressure man”. Even the wind couldn’t stop him from getting it all done quickly, efficiently and with a lot of flow……..

DJ Holmes AKA “No Pressure man”

It take more than one person to get it all done, and we had some help from this little dude…. Wait.. I am not sure how old this cat is but he is old. Sorry for the disrespect old man….Anyway, he helped and we almost left him in the shed’s freezer while repairing the door……

Mohamed- “DJ, did you leave the cat inside..?.”

DJ- “Yeah I forgot he was still in there!

Here is the old man….

DIG…., DIG,… Dig, no pipe in sight, then let’s wrap it up and go home.

We are done for the day, we pressure washed the whole building, and it looked clean. Next steps will include applying a new coat of paint where needed, installing new drain pipes and laying some gravel around the structure. Stay on the loop as we will keep updating you about how it will be looking in a few weeks……

No drain pipe?

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