Who can say where the road goes…

And, certainly who can say where the time goes as well. Evidence provided by this Friday update appearing Sunday afternoon; it has been a very busy week. Somehow channeling the proverbs of Enya earlier this week proved a productive exercise in which the Coburg-Timmerman ‘square’ group sat and sketched out some ideas for the space along the Greenway. We gave ourselves a solid chunk of ‘time’ to sketch and see where our thoughts go. Then reconvened.

The Coburg-Timmerman ‘square’ team discusses a slightly different direction to take the project. On the wall are our many goals in small font.
We’ve been inspired by this grassy wetland vernacular to suggest a structure of many thin members as a backdrop for a small seating area. Within the structure we’ll pocket our seating and implement some signage as a wayfinding element. We observed the delicateness of the marshland towards the western end of the Greenway and hope to emulate that preciousness with how we connect to the ground at this site. This is a theme we hope to establish throughout the Greenway with future development.
A further concept sketch that emphasizes the space between our structure which creates a place for a grassy srub landscape to grow within. We don’t want to create something so ‘rigid’ as to appear like a fence or barrier but instead want to play with a little more fluidity and suggest s varying of scale for the members of the structure.

After our mid-week meeting with Mark Cline, CEO of City Water, Harry Lesesne, Executive Director of the Charleston Parks Conservancy, and Jason Kronsberg, Director of Parks for the City, the studio felt invigorated and filled with information, although many constraints as explained in Ryan’s previous post, that is ultimately very helpful in directing our designs. We as designers need constraints as parameters. We all feel that having setbacks for utilities, sight-lines for traffic visibility, soil penetration restrictions, and flexibility for future maintenance are goals that we can work with to ensure that everyone who has a stake in this particular place is accommodated.

The week ahead will be an exciting one where we’ll receive feedback on some logistical components of the design as well as strategies to assure our structures aren’t entirely permanent and can be flexible enough to move if need be. At the end of the week we’ll have our final design review with many people coming to see what the project this semester (and possibly next semester) has evolved into. We’re excited to host the Parks Conservancy, West Ashley United, The City of Charleston, and many other interest holders who have provided an immense amount or support and resources for our design build studio this semester. We’ve all been blown away by the commentary, collaboration, and enthusiasm everyone has expressed so far. We plan to continue the good rapport and serve our community well with the work that we’ll achieve along the West Ashley Greenway this semester.

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