A ZOOM© into Virtual Studio Culture

Anyone that knew an architecture major during college knows that when an architecture student goes to studio, its usually for a very long time. “What is the word can they be doing that makes them stay up till the wee hours of the morning?” you might ask. Well the answer may not surprise you. They are usually hard at work. Anything from sketching a building on campus to modeling a 1-4th scale library in chipboard. However, on the off chance that the typical architecture student is not working, you may find them chatting with some friends over a warm cup of coffee. Well, maybe these breaks are not all that rare…

These little breaks create what we in the biz call “studio culture”. The shared experience of architecture school creates a bond between students that is unique and special. With the current state of the world, these little moments of interaction are now becoming endangered. It can be hard to start up casual conversation with your classmates over zoom, especially at the beginning of a new semester. But over the weekend Studio V cracked the code. Scheduling Zoom meetings that aren’t during class times. Does work get done in these little meetings? Sure. But does it feel a lot more like “studio culture” sitting there in pajamas talking to your friends? You better believe it does. It turns out that in times like these we all need a little “studio culture” in our lives.

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