It’s About the Bigger Picture

When working with a public group it is beneficial to weigh the community impact your work can have. As many of my other colleagues have stated, we have been working towards a presentation to the Charleston Parks Conservancy about a potential Urban Horticulture Center. As we are in the final hours of preparation, we have not forgotten the community impact the parks conservancy has grown.

During the quarantine, the Parks Conservancy took to social media to maintain and grow the educational standard they have built over the years. During research and precedence studies we have begun to analyze the potential impact of an Urban Horticulture Center to the Avondale Neighborhood in West Ashley. While we have not begun conceptual design strategies now, the site regulations allow for substantial community impact. Currently onsite is a flourishing community garden with space for a new Urban Horticulture Center, playground, and possible walking paths. During our preparation one question was raised. If the conservancy could gain thousands of followers during a pandemic, what would the community impact of an Urban Horticulture Center have? While no one can answer that question with exact certainty we have confidence that there will be a substantial impact.

Follow along and answer the question for yourselves, what will the impact on the Avondale Community be when the Clemson University Community Build Program and the Charleston Parks Conservancy team up once again?

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