Un altro Giorno…..

We are getting close……..

Hello Friends,

It is been a while but here I am again, ready to take you on a short ride so that you can be on the loop with what has been going on in studio V.

Unfortunately, today’s ride won’t last long like the other ones because we spent most of this week in the shop, bending metals, welding, going back and forth between our design models and applying as much change as it is needed. Our confidence towards the projects is high and we feel great getting closer to finishing the design process.

I am going to talk a little bit about what happened on Wednesday afternoon though. We had the privilege to meet Professor Pastre’s long time friend and skilled sculpture professor, Jared. Their friendship date back to the time the two men shared the soccer field (wish I could watch them play).

Pictured above, Jared on the right talking to Prof Pastre and the Studio V teams.

Jared gave us some heads up about sculpture ( if you haven’t noticed it yet, the project at Coburg looks very sculptural, and the project at Farmfield need some strong metal frame to support the planned deck and the seating).

Keeping up through the conversation with Jared… He was eager to give us strong feedbacks concerning our structures at both sites, and also dropped a little knowledge concerning metal work, coating, and materials cost, and that helped us feel better about the direction we took.

It was a wonderful conversation with a guest who has for a long time been working with metals and know a lot about the stuff.

Also thanks to our business genius aka DJ Holme, we are feeling confident about the cost and affordability of materials at our disposition.

Additionally, the meeting with Jared helped us refine some critical details in our design, and we were able to apply his feedback towards the right direction. Still a lot of work to do today to get our final drawings ready for our project submission in front of the board, tomorrow Friday.

It will be a first for me, and some members on the teams. I haven’t had a chance to attend a board review but I am excited about it. No pressure, we got this !!!!

A few things that I also want to talk about are the things that are happening at the Farmfield site. The structure is getting ready but one more thing we are working very hard on implementing on that part of the Greenway is, ADA accessibility. It is important for us to learn and acknowledge ADA accessibility into our projects because we are students who, believe that architecture can positively impact communities. Although our design need to show both craft and thoughtfulness, it also needs to be inclusive and that is a continuous lesson that we are keeping in mind.  We are aware of what we need to do in order to make the projects successful and valuable to the community, and that said, every step we are taking towards achieving that goal is an opportunity for us to learn more about empathy and inclusion in architecture.

It is been a great week with a long stretch for both teams, we are getting close, and we feel confident about how far we have come design wise. 

The ride stop there today, but like I always say, don’t take your seats belts off just yet, stay on the loop….

Salud !!!

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