Decisions Move You Forward

Hello all! As we continue to move towards a final design, we have many choices that still need to be made. We are still very lucky that we have time on our side in order to still work on the bridge after Thanksgiving break.

Recently, we have split into groups all working on small parts of the bridge. A group has been diligently working on the site figuring out the amount of concrete we will need. Another task Claire and I will need to do is get ready for how much concrete we will need, and then place an order. We will of course need to do this for all of the materials. Claire and I have already created a spreadsheet in excel.

Mimi met with us to discuss how we will pay for bridge supplies to build and how it will be reimbursed. I think it is good we are deciding this now so that we can concentrate on making decisions about form. Luckily, we do have a pretty good idea what materials we will be using – just need a quantity.

Thanks for tuning in to our progress and we cannot wait to show you our final product!

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