Good Foundations.

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!

As you read from Shane's post yesterday we are really pushing forward in our respective teams. Team concrete is pushing hard to get a set of foundation plans for our structural engineer to examine.


A foundation guide for our new walls

We had a really productive day on Friday and were optimistic about the foundations when we left that night. In addition to creating the foundations that will hold our bridge, the concrete will incorporate two benches and possibly bike racks if we can manage it within the formwork. The trick with concrete is the way you build a wall of concrete. Really, you build the wall three times. One build is the formwork that supports the concrete, the second is the rebar cage that strengthens the wall, and the last is the actual concrete that is poured inside the formwork and enveloping the rebar. As you can see from the picture below there are a lot of parts that ensure that the concrete doesn't leak out or move when its still setting up and hardening.

Side one of our concrete mixtape

Additionally, this last Friday and over the weekend, we cleaned up the shop and worked together to get it in working order where we can concentrate our efforts in mocking up details for the bridge and the formwork for the concrete.

Aaron mocks up a bridge component



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