Pushing Forward!

Welcome back to another installment of late night Studio V work!

This week we’ve been nonstop grinding and welding and as you can guess, punching and painting. We’ve said it time and time again, we are hard at work trying to meet deadlines and produce a quality build for Frierson Elementary and the surrounding community to use. What we haven’t talked about yet is the constant update and adjustments that being in the shop demands our drawings to have. As we begin to weld or cut any material down in the shop we use our shop drawings to verify our process or procedures. As usual in any shop, some things need to be worked out in more detail meaning that we are simultaneously updating drawings while fabricating down in the shop. This is a never ending process that will last until the students and faculty can occupy the structure. It seems like we will continue to push and grind towards the finish line with all of our nonstop efforts and we hope to have this completed soon for everyone to enjoy.

In light of all of our consistent work, its great to mention that we took time last Friday to finish work on a prior Studio V project at Ardmore and Sherwood Forest Park. We worked as a team to place green roof components on the roof and we took time to talk to community members and the mayor about our past and current work. We look forward to keeping you updated so stay tuned for more blog posts!

– Until next time!

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