Crunch Time

The team met in studio to discuss major due dates and a timeline of events, for these last two weeks of the semester. We drew a calendar on the white board, and labeled out all the due dates for assignments in all of our other classes. We then made a list of things that we needed to complete for studio before our big review. After making a the to do list, we made a game plan on what needed to be completed first and what could wait. We then split into groups to take on some of these tasks.Half of the team stayed up in studio to figure out some drawings for the mock up model, and the other half went down to shop. While in the shop, we broke up into smaller groups to take on more tasks. There were a few horizontal trellis pieces that needed to be punched from the day before, so we completed that first. Then we began to clean a pile of vertical trellis pieces, while others put a coat of primer on other pieces. We also began to organize the pieces so we would know what need to be done and what was already finished.



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