Nearing the End

While we are definitely bummed about postponing building until the fall semester, we are excited that we can still show off part of our design with a full-scale mock-up! We’ve been busily priming and painting all of the steel members for the trellis assembly, which will be part of our mock-up. The yellow, blue, and green paint colors we picked out look amazing together on the steel and really make the trellis pop!

Gauge, Ayla, and Krissy prepping the last steel pieces for priming

As our final review looms ahead in the next couple of days, we will finish up painting and start to move the mock-up pieces into our review space. The entire mock-up will fill our studio space so reviewers and other students can walk around and look at it up close. This is also a great chance to test our design before actually breaking ground next semester and we’ll be able to see how well the trellis holds up and how it looks in real life as opposed to a computer model.

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