Clean Up Time

At the beginning of studio, we went over a few things that were accomplished over the last week and weekend. David went over some of the emails and phone calls that he made, and gave us an update on where our CD set was and what next steps we had to take. Then everyone else [...]

Clemson 31 – GA Tech 17

The team met up over the weekend to tackle some items on the to do list. With the timeline for CD submittal approaching, groups met with Professor David Pastre to go over storage ideas, site location/paths, and the red lining of the previous CD set. The new students came together to share new perspectives on [...]

Crunch Time

The team met in studio to discuss major due dates and a timeline of events, for these last two weeks of the semester. We drew a calendar on the white board, and labeled out all the due dates for assignments in all of our other classes. We then made a list of things that we [...]

Practice Practice Practice

On Monday, the studio went down to the shop to practice what they learned the day before. When down there they divided into groups to be more efficient. One group would practice welding, and the other would continue working on shop drawings and material count. The welding group grabbed all their safety equipment, and got [...]

Presentation Day

After countless hours of none stop work, the team finished up all the deliverables for the Frierson Elementary presentation. The team met back up at the cigar factory, before they heading over to the school. When we arrived we set up the room for the presentation in a way that the kids would be able [...]

Busy Weekend

Through the weekend, the individual groups were busy wrapping up their Edith L Frierson Elementary School presentations. Groups were designing diagrams and gathering precedents to put on their presentation boards. People were finishing up their digital models, and preparing laser cut files and rendering. When the digital models were complete, sketch style renders were created [...]

Next Steps

After completing the site visit at Edith L. Frierson Elementary School, the team made their thirty-minute drive, full of ideas and thoughts, back to the Cigar Factory. Once everyone made it back to studio, the floor was open for discussion on what the next steps for this project should be. We started compiling a list [...]