Clean Up Time

At the beginning of studio, we went over a few things that were accomplished over the last week and weekend. David went over some of the emails and phone calls that he made, and gave us an update on where our CD set was and what next steps we had to take. Then everyone else went around and talked about what they finished or still needed to finish. For instance, some groups called lumber companies and received estimates on times and cost for materials needed for the project. Others went to site and marked out the location of both structures, in preparation for the dig process. We also had groups that, cut and grinded some steel that needed so changes. After hearing what was accomplished, we then went over a brief timeline on when we would start to dig, pour concrete, and build. We also discussed the importance of budget, and how we needed to figure out if prices of material and see if they changed or not.After the discussion the whole studio went down to the shop and cleaned it up a bit. There were multiple trips made to the garbage, as we threw away anything that couldnt be used in the shop anymore. We had people organizing tools, and putting away tools that were left out. Other were sweeping around the entire shop, and making sure the floors were clean. We also had someone sand some of the work tables to make them look new again. Another group took care of cleaning the hard hats, since we would be wearing those very soon.

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