Cut, Grind, Weld, Repeat

Cut, Grind, Weld, Repeat. This is the formula we have been executing all weekend in preparation for our build. Each gable of our structure is joined together by steel plates that connect the rafter to column and column to collar tie. In the process, each plate has to be cut to length, hole punched for through-bolts, angle grinded in areas where the two plates will join, and then welded together to make our structural connection.


There were a total of 14 unique connections and each connection requires two of the same plate on either side of the structure in order to through-bolt it. Aside from the building plates, we made headway on the unique trellis plates as well. It was a FULL weekend of welding and prepping plates for cleaning and painted.


This morning we are making our first wood member purchase so that we can make headway on cutting, chamfering, and prepping our columns, rafters, and collar ties. We are moving right along and are ready for the week ahead!

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