Good ole’ Friday the 13th

We are three days away from our first design review and everyone is working hard on their designs! My respective group is looking at a design that allows for impactful, teachable moments. It emphasizes spaces for Green Heart to really connect with the students they are teaching and helping everyone feel a part of the [...]

William Enston Home: History

As we dive straight into another semester, we find ourselves on a site that has a strong historical presence that we have not quite seen before. William Enston Home was founded by William Enston and is located on 900 King Street. The Home is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. William Enston Home [...]

Vertical Garden Underway

While half of the team is on site working with columns and beams and getting them set in place, other members of the Studio V team are back at the shop preparing the vertical garden. The vertical garden is made up of steel angle frames along with wire mesh that will be welded together once [...]

Having a little fun

Update: On Tuesday a few members of our team went out to the site and measured and marked where the columns outside of the slab are located. These locations are important because we will have some people come out and auger the holes for these columns today. Now on to a little fun. I would [...]

But wait….where will they sit?

As you all know construction documents are in full swing and the team has dived straight into all the details of how our pavilion will come together. This is a crucial part of the design/build program and I, personally, am excited to learn about construction and how to create the details for these drawings. Along [...]

Rainwater Rainwater!

Today's topic fits in perfectly with the weather outside today. Along with finalizing form and site layout ideas, Roberto and I have been digging deep into research. I have specifically been working on rainwater collection and what ways we can integrate this aspect into our final design. I began doing my own research on rainwater [...]

Group Designs

Today is Monday, February 4th, 2019, and small group designs are underway. During Friday's review with the clients, we mostly discussed site layout and the best strategy for moving people through the garden and where to place the storage/shelter structure. The clients favored site layouts that moved people from the North to the South of [...]

It is time for a charrette

Studio Day 4 is about to commence. Everyone has dived heavily into research on the history of the Wagner Terrace Community, site analysis, working gardens, and precedent studies. The exciting part about the next couple of days is that we all get to come together and present all of our findings to the group. It [...]